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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

my so-called ~sobbing over tv boxsets~ life

Last weekend a very sad thing happened, I sat down on my bed, hot chocolate in hand, and finally finished the "My So-Called Life" boxset that I've been very carefully rationing since Christmas...

Here's some character analysis...

Angela Chase
Brian Krakow
  • curls
  • a* jumper collection
  • kinda weirdly cute
  • hepful
  • likes photography
  • i feel sorry for him and his lack of Angela loving 
  • socially awkward
  • (i just want to go in there and sort him out)
Rayanne Graff
  • the clothes
  • the hair
  • the bad ass attitude
Rickie Vasquez
  • best wardrobe of any teenage boy
  • ever
  • cute and polite
  • feels most at home in the girls' bathroom (!!!!)
  • heart breaking story lines:the Rickie/Katimski storyline MY HEART
Jordan Catalano
  • smooth n sleek like a fresh washed labrador
  • DO NOT CARE rebellious attitude
  • "Don't you just love the way he leans"

Graham Chase
  • I love the way American's say Graham as "Gram" so that helped win him round
  • can cook
  • sometimes v cute
  • sometimes v annoying
Patty Chase
  • typical overprotective mother
  • good in emergencies (eye drunken rayanne EYE)
  • opinionated
  • quite annoying
Danielle Chase
  • sometimes i feel sorry for her
  • sometimes not
  • top marks for Angela halloween costume
  • marks lowered for narrated episode :-((
Sharon Cherski
  • catty
  • annoying
  • too pretty
  • dumb with boys JUST DUMP HIM ALREADY
  • the cat costume scarred me for life
This was actually me when the credits started rolling, WHY IS THE END JUST LEFT, WHY NO OTHER SERIES (oh yes, because Romeo and Juliet happened) but I STILL WANT ANSWERS.

Bye ya cool cats.


Monday, 18 February 2013

Out of the Woods

Happy late Valentines day/start of half term for me- wheeee.
Every holiday I promise myself I will do work and achieve things
Here is some stuff I need to get out of my brain:
The Blonds Fall 2013
Fashion based ON HORROR MOVIES
uhhh my kind of clothing
I am really bad at keeping up with fashion, but if it was all based on 'Psycho' and 'The Shining' I would be in my element.
The things that I end up doing at college lately instead of work.

These socks are the coolest and I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ARE SOCKS.

Head emerged in the new and final graphics project I have- on bakeries!

Valentines thoughts.
The best thing about the start of spring is the appearance of sunshine in my normally dull bedroom!

Any excuse to get out the dungarees.

And glitter shoes.

And all the weird accessories.
Note the great amount of Valentines gifts.
(cough cough from my mum cough)

Love magazine issue 9.
"Comics sketchbooks"
"modern art explained"

Some of my own work
(bakery project behind, personal journal front)

Cue to get back to:



Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kite Flying Society

A big problem in my life right now is that my caps lock has broken. I also can't decide what song I like best on the RUSHMORE soundtrack.
I got my new exam paper for graphics. I am too inspired all I can think of is art art and art.
Then the more art I find, the more I am put off starting my own stuff because I can never live up to my art idea dreams and the way I want to be able to do things.
These are some quick cartoons from my journal, full of more dumb thoughts:

(a light night insomnia one)

All I've been doing lately is surviving on a diet of drawing, EVERYWHERE. The above were the people I saw from the window seat in the library.
This time of the month is always good for new magazines (Oh Comely/Dazed & Confused [Thom Yorke] and LOVE so far)

also mini eggs.....
i've waited too long for those to come back round
After a successful January of drawing I have decided to try and fill a moleskine/month..
Being Sam this morning.
Ok, this is definitely the best song from Rushmore.