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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kite Flying Society

A big problem in my life right now is that my caps lock has broken. I also can't decide what song I like best on the RUSHMORE soundtrack.
I got my new exam paper for graphics. I am too inspired all I can think of is art art and art.
Then the more art I find, the more I am put off starting my own stuff because I can never live up to my art idea dreams and the way I want to be able to do things.
These are some quick cartoons from my journal, full of more dumb thoughts:

(a light night insomnia one)

All I've been doing lately is surviving on a diet of drawing, EVERYWHERE. The above were the people I saw from the window seat in the library.
This time of the month is always good for new magazines (Oh Comely/Dazed & Confused [Thom Yorke] and LOVE so far)

also mini eggs.....
i've waited too long for those to come back round
After a successful January of drawing I have decided to try and fill a moleskine/month..
Being Sam this morning.
Ok, this is definitely the best song from Rushmore.


  1. You have the best drawings although im sort of cringing at the thought of the first one and your hair looks ace in the last picture i wish mine was long enough to do that :< x

  2. I absolutely love your drawings! They are so cool and you are an amazing artist!

  3. Lovely lovely drawings, they're actually so interestingly drawn and I find your style very intriguing!!

    I feel like i've been living breathing art lately too... my life, and my blog(ha) have kinda been overcome by it, but thats ok. There's something ridiculously satisfying, going to bed at night knowing that no matter what, you PAINTED today. Or drew. Or created stuff one way or another. so HA, take that world-that-tries-to-bring-us-down.


  4. YOU'RE READING FRANNY AND ZOOEY RIGHT NOW? I AM TOO! I only have fifty pages left and then I'm going to read Raise High in the Roof Beams! :D

  5. Your posts are so epic. And filling a moleskine a month is such an impressive, admirable goal! You will do it. And Cadbury mini eggs remind me of mine dear English amie who had a bit of a cream egg obsession. It got a bit insane, to the point of using her school bag as a hideaway for her 456789827 bits of tin foil. People and their lives<3

    Greta xoxo

  6. your're really good at this!

  7. Great illustrations, I love the girl who eat and sleep in the same clothes, it makes me remember that my telephone is switched off for days now, but it really scares me to bring it back to life!Moleskines are my favourites,you did an epic workand you look perfect in your Shakusky hat!!!
    Love xxxx

  8. I love your work :) What year are you in? Im in year 13 and we've just got a new exam paper too: "Inside,outside and inbetween."

  9. I love how you draw all the time and your illustrations always have a lovely creative feel! really nice post :)

    Madam Patty

  10. MINI EGGS, FRANNY AND ZOOEY, YOUR DRAWINGS (also your red socks are super cute), ughugh this is perfect. one day we're going to meet and we're going to make zines together and walk around town like 2 diva princess-queens and do A+ bowie impressions and all will be well in the world.

  11. I love your illustrations/doodles/drawings !
    a Delhi cat

  12. ahh caitlin why are you so great. you are amazing

  13. It's so true. Cool clothes do make you look stupid

    xoxo Domenic

  14. MINI EGGS! YES! I love your drawings, so awesome!

  15. I seriously identify with your art so much it's unreal. I spend so long looking for inspiration and as soon as I find anything I just feel like anything I could do is insignificant and that would be impossible for me to actualise the billions of ideas muddled in my mind. I just have to think that the act of doing and creating itself is the art. Whatever you do was impossible before you created it.


  16. Your journal entries are so honest and wonderful to look at. They warm my little heart✿✿✿

  17. absolutely fallen in love with your blog