Monday, 24 December 2012

I want to be alone, and I want people to notice me, both at the same time.

It's getting cold.
College is finally over.
Christmas is tomorrow.
These are some photos of a recent afternoon off college where I decided to don a wedding dress and roll down some hills. It is for a  class project, I tend to come up with wacky things I want to do, then try and adapt them to fit the themes of my work. Somewhere there is a video of the hill rolling.

I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas, if you celebrate it.
I am going to sit down after tomorrow and have a good look through lots of blog posts, WATCH OUT.

Monday, 17 December 2012

sort out your spinning head

It's nearing the end of term, 4 days left, including today.
 I'm in college with no first lesson, listening to "A spaceman came travelling" and trying to fit the song to be about David Bowie.

These are some of the creative projects I've been working on lately:
Stills from an animation set to Radiohead. I will hopefully post it here when it's done.

More animation stills.

I'm basing my extended project on the czech new wave film movement, and this was my version of recreating some of the colourful food wastage scenes.

Enid sticker.

A letter to the women of punk rock.

Visual diary based on a trip to Manchester with first year art students, not a trip I was meant to go on, but one of the most surreal things ever.

I wore glitter tights and a man told me I looked "beautiful", he tagged along with my friend and I when we went and saw a film of some budgies with our teacher, it was all very surreal.

The galleries we went to were PAPER AT THE CUTTING EDGE, and Shrigley- who I adore.
Also, if you know Manchester, how cute is China town!?

Life drawing, last class tonight. IMPROVE CAITLIN, IMPROVE.

I printed a new zine, BOOM issue 6, based on Winter.
It sold well, and I've had to shut up my bigcartel till new year now.

Featured playlist. 
Cutting up my face :-)

Another mini zine I worked on as part of a class project, it's not ordered, and is about noticing how beautiful the world is, starting with the moon.

The wool glasses project:
(there were 3 other pairs as well)

OK sorry spam over.

Sleep time.
Bowie time.