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Friday, 30 November 2012

Dream presents, PIXIE and more zining.

There isn't actually much on my dream christmas list- I tend to try and keep my dream items to lower prices because I hate thinking unrealistically and I'm one of those people who once they have a goal I have to stick to it and work, so shoving expensive things on would break my soul. These are just a few things I've seen and thought wooooah, then seen the price is a bit too much. Let's all drool together now.
I've had these shoes (oil slick Doc Martens) saved on my laptop since last christmas and I CAN'T EVEN FIND WHERE THEY ARE SOLD NOW so if anyone does now, TALK TO ME because maybe they have dropped in price and can come swanning into my life. I mean, they are the ultimate shoes.
(though I seem to remember choking on the £200+ price)

I can't put into words how much I admire Grayson, and being able to wear his art makes my stomach flutter.
The £67.50 price tag also makes me flutter.
In a different way.
Knowing me I'd spill paint on it, or leave it on a bus.

Lil red vinyl player (google images found, I can't even find the dream model).
At the moment I share my record player (and records) with my parents downstairs, so a little red suitcase player would be perfect.

ALL THE ART BOOKS EVER, but in particular Yoshitomo Nara: Complete Works
but at £100, hahaha no.

These Radiohead tshirts are pretty much how I think of my dream band tee, a perfect mix of pencilish drawing, cartoon style and very sloppy teen look.
I am the worst and love them so much, but can't even think of spending £26 :-(


It's so so SO near to December, I've already been having lots of mini parties with myself, and blasting out the Christmas hits.

I cheekily ordered myself an early present of some jewellery, from my fave etsy shop:

I have been waiting and waiting for ages to order something from here, being the most indecisive person, the choice is SO HARD because i can't find anything in the shop that I wouldn't want to own.
Gabriella is lovely, and you should also look at her blogspot.

I ordered Winona eventually, and some Moonrise Kingdom earrings.

It wans't just the products I liked- THE PACKAGING! It was so cute I almost didn't want to open it all.

She sends out sticker sets and a load of other goodies too!

Shop review- 5 STARS, ALWAYS.
(I'm already planning what to buy next)

(Rookie diary)
Overall my week has been a bit hazy. I've got today off lessons, yesterday I had parents evening, the day before a boy got run over from my college, he was lying on the road.
He's getting better.

week 12 of a personal project 
as well as my graphics work on vision

ok, that is all

 p.s you can also send me any contributions for my next zine, the theme is general winter feels, new year, strange thoughts, BEING A TEEN (or older any readers out there)… I’m looking for articles, poems, PHOTO JOURNALS, art, playlists, reviews, recipes… anything you really want to send, I will be the happiest person!

Don’t over think this, I just want to slap together a nice lil something before the year ends, so i'm printing quite soon!

send stuff to:


Sunday, 25 November 2012

bumbling mixture of trash

My days are all blurring into one. I don't know the dates and I don't know what I've done on each day.
I have so much to do and so much stress and anxiety over work, I do nothing.
Then I stress out that I've done nothing.
All I can do is sit on my bed and think and overthink and think a bit more.
I'm listening to a lot of Radiohead, some Joni Mitchell, and I have finally (after months) tracked down a song from a movie that my body has been aching to hear again.
Songs from movies are the best songs.

When I'm in college, all I do is document the contents of my bag
Watch Patti Smith videos
Imagine I'm an alien
And get emotional over television advertising...
but seriously- who's seen the John Lewis snowman ad?

Thank goodness for the weekend, still full of guilt from doing nothing.
I'm on my bed listening to a childhood cassette of James and The Giant Peach

Rookie diary for this week

I let my Mum take me shopping, normally my excuse is "i have work" and i never do it, so i was forced to get clothes for a winter wedding. 
  • sequins
  • glitter
  • velvet

Every Winter, Innocent smoothies melt my heart with the knitted hats on the bottles.

My subscribed magazines were delivered.

I guess that is all.

Whoops! You're out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos.

So there's a photo limit on this site? So I can't upload any more?
W H A T?
Has anyone else has this problem and fixed it magically, I mean- WHAT DO I DO?
(photos in this post are all url pasted and i would appreciate advice and help on how you upload your blogger images oh great ones out there who may have faced space issues).

Thanks for reading this sad and dull post. You are great.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Today has been a bad Sunday, so here are some photos of Roz from around springtime that have a dreamy feel that cheered me up a little bit.
(no editing done apart from awful cropping, colour effects all cameras own doing, or holding a pair of sunglasses over the lens- toptip!)

That is literally all I came to say, I have a mountain of college work, and about an hour to do it in......
*cue motivational music like EEEEEYYEEE OF THE TIGER*

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dusty and Buddy

My laptop has packed up, it was only a matter of time.
I say I'll really care for the things I love, but then....
my ipod is scratched
the back of my phone coated in a heavy sequin sticker layer
pencil case scribbled on
walls coated

I can't help adding small customizations to everything i own
I guess that's life.
I'm getting overly obsessed with Frida Kahlo. 
My graphics teacher has set up a film club, and I am one of 3 members (oops) and we recently watched the 2002 film "Frida" and it just adds to the huge list of reasons to love her.
Her diary has been on my wanted list for months, and now Christmas is approaching (yay).
Mexico looks so colourful, Autumn especially makes me pine to be there during day of the dead celebrations..... one day...

This last week I decided to scan every individual page of my ~on the go~ journal.
48 pages of my mind spread out on bus journeys, college frees, and late night bed sittings.

Is there anything more beautiful and inviting than an open paint palette?
My friend Madi, who I drew.

Reading and eating (2 things I do best).

Experimentations with more video visual art for a project, stills from filming my eyes watching a video- they naturally do some crazy stuff.

Bought glitter jeans and glitter tights, glitter everything....
it's so great that sequins and glitter are finally becoming fashion

what have you been up to?
(and thankyou to everyone who answered the last post, you're all angels) <3
(the title is purely because i am listening to a lot of Dusty Springfield and Buddy H)

Sunday, 11 November 2012


This is a pretty simple post- I find the Blogger following system SO HARD to follow, it always says "server error" when I try and look at who's following me, so admittedly, I don't follow as many people as people follow me so HEY if you're out there. Now's a fine time to introduce yourself.
All you need to do is answer these questions in the comments box and let's all get to know each other.
I always like to read new blogs, and I find (again) it's quite limiting with no dashboard where people appear that you don't follow.

I would fill this out as:

Name: Caitlin Hazell
Fave celeb/character: way way too many but to narrow it down, Winona Ryder and David Bowie!
Dream outfit: basically the whole Meadham kirchhoff s/s 2012 collection with extra googly eyes and hearts.
Fave book: hhhhhhmmmmmmmmm anything arty or something that makes me think- currently reading "We need to talk about Kevin" SO GOOD.
Ideal christmas present: Moleskine journal, pens and toblerone!

Dead simple.
Let's be friends.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Aaaaaahhhh Winter.......

So college have finally unblocked blogger from the system, and my life as a teenage blog scrounger continues.
Hello from the college study center, where I'm huddled up with a flask of cinnamon tea.......aaaaaahhhh Winter.......
This is some stuff I've been doing in the last week:
I finally set up my proper online shop where you can look at some sticker sets and zines I make, if you want.

Illustration for Rookie about Halloween costumes.

Almost as soon as October was over, the weather found the excuse to start snowing. SNOW ALREADY!
I do like Winter, sometimes the dark nights and weird mornings get me down a bit, but this year I just want to ~embrace it~ and enjoy the things that come with Winter more.
I made a batch of cinnamon buns that turned out very well, despite using a confusing Canadian recipe that used cup portions?!

I'm still dressing as if it's Spring because it makes me feel cheerier to have rabbits on my shirt.

But I can dig out my lovely winter coats!!!

I watched the 1976 version of Carrie after hearing about the remake that's coming out soon.
As with most films I hear about and are slow at watching, it wasn't at all what I was expecting.
I knew there was going to be blood, I knew there was going to be fire,
I couldn't sleep till 3am, with visions of Carrie's terrifying mother popping up in my mirror.

Squashy hands, a scan rep of my nails (I very rarely find time to paint them), but this too is a nice winter cheer up.

I've decided to designate friday nights to going out and having a social life......


friday nights are now designated to collaging and spreading National Geographic all over the kitchen table.
These are just some weird things I did:

I've started drawing Frida Kahlo, she's about half way done.
I can never decide if I want to colour in or paint my images.

What do you like about Winter?