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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A post that isn't really about Halloween, but is

October- January is probably the best part of the year for me.
As soon as they start putting out the halloween stuff in the shops I'm happy.
I've always been into the things surrounding halloween, witches, bats, eyeballs...
I'd love to, in the future, go to Mexico to join in the day of the dead celebrations.
Saying this, I live in the english countryside- nothing is really done here to celebrate, and as my Dad says "HALLOWEEN IS A FAKE AMERICAN CELEBRATION".
This year though, I couldn't resist dressing up as Edward Scissorhands.
Purely to eat my lunch using only blades.
No I'm not going trick or treating.
(But I secretly want to)
I mean look at him.

This scene was the one I wanted to try out.


Autumn for me is a full on TIM BURTON APPRECIATION TIME.
I need not go into how amazing he is, because most people already know and I swear I mention him in nearly all my blog posts.
Burton marathon tonight!!! eeek.

My sloppy attempt at eating with scissors.
yay you get to hear my voice for the first time!

Halloween moon

a dead rose i've had since valentines day

these are being worn all year round

The dressed down Halloween look- vintage velvet floral dress.

More tacky halloween stock- skeleton straws!


Watch Tim Burton films,
back comb your hair,
carve a pumpkin,
have a hot drink.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I am not a Londoner.

Last week I went with my college on a one night trip to London.
These are some photos from my rubbish camera:

cutest and saddest lost dog sign ever, SOMEONE FIND THE POOR CREATURE

not being able to sleep because of train tracks, and listening to Moonrise Kingdom songs over and over

weird bathroom

view from the hostel


my art on the back of a magazine being sold in the Tate, asdhksf dream

MATILDA THE MUSICAL was so good eejelihsdk.
If you ever get the chance to see it then GO.

It seems like ages since I was in London and I can barely be bothered to string a post together about it. 
London is a weird place.
I've been told to have the kind of job I want in the future, London is the place you should be.
But it scares me.
It's so big and dangerous.
I live in the countryside, the scariest thing is fox hunters.
I think if I had a tour guide and places to go I'd be okay, it's just the stress of being told "RIGHT GO GET YOUR DINNER" and being strung along in the crowds of country bumpkins confused and trying to find somewhere cheap, and these places don't exist.

Returning from London always gives me a kind of sick feeling, it's always fun as well as scary and I always hate returning from something so different back to my usual life.

I saw the film "Private Peaceful" yesterday. It was very sad.

This has been an angsty teen girl post courtesy of me.

I'm going back to painting now.

Monday, 22 October 2012


A post about Moonrise Kingdom.

I'm very late with this post, as the movie didn't show anywhere near my small little town- a bit like the one shown in Moonrise Kingdom. I have noone to send notes to and dance with on a beach, which might be why I spent the day dressing up as Suzy and dreaming of escaping.

When I went to get the dvd from HMV I noticed that the soundtrack was £15 which is crazy, to have a soundtrack more expensive than the actual movie. I downloaded it instead.
(Please listen to the above song while you read this post).
This songs makes me feel so much, when I first heard it in the movie, at the very end, it immediately changed the way I viewed the whole thing, filling me completely with emotions. It makes me want to run away with someone, try really hard at college, and join a children's choir. (am I too old now?) It is definitely my favourite song off the soundtrack- which is amazing.

My brown suitcase is so much uglier than her cute little yellow one.

Because it's set in the 1960's, the clothes are TO DIE FOR- see above for character oufit plans. 
I wonder how many people will be Suzy for Halloween....

Sam: Why do you always use binoculars?
Suzy: helps me see things closer, even if they're not far away. I pretend it's my magic power.

Suzy's most prized possessions-  fantasy novels, her brother's record player, and her cat.

Sam's scout patch jacket is so amazing.

Always the sheep audience when I take my camera to the hills.

My beetle earrings, (top left) and Suzy's (below).

If you haven't seen the film I would really recommend watching it- it's one of those movies where you immediately feel a little better for watching it and more calm and inspired!

Friday, 19 October 2012

thinking and not doing

You know when you want to post something, but at the same time, want to save it until you have some better stuff to post with it. WELL.
I figured I'd just slap a little something down on this blog now. I get a big sense of achievement writing here rather than on other blogs. 
Having said that, what do I actually have to put here?

Let's fill you up with all the things I've found this week to fill my weekend with (excluding boring college work, and top secret future blog posts planning).
I've managed to convince my college librarians that i'm doing media studies and specifically focusing on the films of Tim Burton and Wes Anderson- this means I can take 2 dvds out at a time for free. So far I've borrowed mainly films I love already- Beetlejuice, Factory Girl, and this weekend Life Aquatic and Edward Scissorhands!

An outfit I wore this week trying to look like a girl.
(Rookie tee, flowery skirt)

As well as dvds I'm pouring in Kurt Cobain's angsty thoughts from his journals (love you Kurt), Laura Palmer's strange and unusual thoughts from this Twin Peaks book, LOTS of photography inspiration from Hunger magazine, and cute illustrations from The Picture Book.

 Sad and sulky illo.
Happy smiley me when I was cute.

Anyone doing anything crazy this weekend?