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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Zine & sticker set giveaway!

A post to just follow a post that feels pretty pointless but I'm doing a tumblr giveaway if anyone is interested,
I recently finished making some craft stuff and someone asked if i'd do a giveaway, so I gave in.
You can buy the products separately if you wish as well.

 You may remember commenting on a post a few weeks back and saying fussy eating habits you have- if so, you are featured! 

 The giveaway also includes the zine I made on feminism.

GOODLUCK if you enter, feel free to ask any questions as well.
Thanks for reading!

crunchy leaves

I spend what feels like most of the year counting down till autumn and winter, they are my favourite months for drinking warm drinks, piling on jumpers and having plenty of hot baths but EVERY TIME my immune system fails me, so instead of enjoying the outside i'm in bed, feeling ill and blogging this.

 My bedroom wall makes an appearance in so many posts, sorry.
 Working on sketchbook stuff for college.

 Being alone on my college bus reminds me of autumn, this was this week and yet it felt like last year when I was just starting college and it felt all lonely and autumnal but nice at the same time.
 Some really silver glitter heels I tried this week, hahaha heels and me- next joke? But if I was going to a party ever I would buy these because I felt glam.
Looking moody.

The only thing that's really keeping me cheery is thinking positively about autumn and doing lots of crafting, I finished a new zine this week and another project which I'll post about soon. Today I was doing leaf art but it's top secret.

 David Bowie hanging out in my window. I was sent this tshirt this week and I LOVE IT/HIM but the only problem is his cigarette because I am SO ANTI SMOKING and so in love with him and it makes me nervous. I'm pondering whether to just stick a giant heart over his mouth. Any other ideas would be appreciated! 
I did this week's Rookie illustration based on leaving summer behind. *sniff*

And here's me lying in a pile of leaves.

What do you like about autumn/fall?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Can't get enough art books...

Ones I've been reading recently:
Picture heavy, text light.

 "What is Graphic Design?", Quentin Newark

Really interesting, lots of examples and sections for each area of graphic design.

"In the Studio: Visits with Contemporary Cartoonists", Todd Hignite

Really great, maybe I'm biased because it features some of my favourite cartoonists, but it gives a big range of the artists work which is good and you kinda see how they've evolved over time.

 "Lost Control", Neasden Control Centre

I found this book so do amazing and inspiring, page after page of full colour busy pieces of art.
Just a flick through makes me want to draw all day.

 "On the way to work", Damien Hirst & Gordon Burn

It's a book of interviews with Hirst. Now I studied him at gcse and found him a bit unusual and this book confirmed that. He employs people to do most of the art for him once he gets the ideas. I guess this showed me he is arty but I'm still not sure if I like him or not. Hmm...

 "Handwritten: Expressive Lettering in the Digital Age", Steven Heller & Mirko Ilic

As someone who hates technology and completely lacks any sense of how to produce art digitally, this book was refreshing in seeing the diverse range of art and graphics you can produce by hand. There's different sections for each medium and it's really really cute and inspiring. 

Any arty books you'd recommend?