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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I am the worst blogspot blogger.

Hello! I am still alive, and very sorry for the complete lack of blogspot posts lately. Also I've been forgetting to even look on the dashboard at everyone else's beautiful posts- I'M SORRY.
I am a terrible blogspot blogger, and prefer the spontaneity of Tumblr posting. I have also been busy, busy doing not much at all, but I have some very exciting news.
As of today, I start a new job, over at Rookie!

I'm still in shock, and very excited. 

I'm also very angry about what's happened with Pussy Riot. Ughhh.

And also very sad that the sun is out but I have college work to do, all the summer work has suddenly caught up on me.

I need to find the balance between blogging on different sites, work, and schoolwork. 
But I hope you're all ok <3

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Being Bowie and bedrooms...

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? Has anyone been enjoying the Olympics? Is anyone as nervous as me about the rumoured prospect of Kate Bush and David Bowie playing the closing ceremony? 
Which leads me onto what I've been doing recently......
I spent a night with sloppy Bowie makeup at my friends house, I stayed two nights and it was really fun. 

She lives in a place more built up than me (which doesn't take much) but I love the feeling of being in a different place and knowing it's not for long. I love walking the streets at night, lying down at railway stations and looking at the moon. We broke into a posh boys school and ran round the grounds and the fountains and rolled round the roads in a shopping trolley.
(DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME apart from on special occasions, but be safe)

There was a really odd skip and we looked at some of the contents (eww gross) and it really upset me about some of the things being thrown away that were perfectly fine.

Anyway- the point of this post is to look at my friend's bedroom, because...
When people enter mine I see their eyes dart around and it makes me nervous, you forget what you have until you start to see it through another's eyes. 
But I like when other people’s bedrooms are secretly full of things for you to look at and you see little collections of things, and realise a lot about a person over what they've chosen to display, what means something to them. 

And this bedroom is one of the best I've seen for random bits and bobs...
(picture spam because you can see for yourself what's here)

Pretty In Pink on a stickered up tv
(one of the best vinyls)

I love bedrooms because mostly it is a place just for you and you can really be yourself there and explore decorating your own area. It will shape the way you grow up and with my graphics class I watched a really interesting documentary where artists recreated their childhood bedrooms either as they remembered them, or how they'd have wanted them to be, in shoeboxes and they were auctioned off.

'I was a child who was a cuckoo in the nest' In his bedroom not a scrap of wallpaper showed: every inch was covered with pictures of aeroplanes, and every surface with models. Fantasy took over his life, in a world of battles ruled by his teddy bear, Alan Measles. - Grayson Perry

This is what I wore...

(handmade Adventure Time crown)

Handmade necklase
Vintage shirt (my Dads)
I was wearing shorts
Spotty Tights- H&M
Doc Martens
Red Shoes (?)

I also discovered the fun of MONOPOLY!!! It's such a good game and in two days went from never played before to junior expert, player of 7 games, winner of 1.

And now I'm home and my hair is a mess...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

I Always Wanted To Be A Tenenbaum

Another post about my Nans, I spent 3 nights there this week and it's a place I love so so much so here's what I did:
 I've been looking for a wedding dress for my extended film project for ages, and my Auntie gave me hers- it's quite long and very 70s but I love it!! Night 1 was mainly spent with me lounging around in it, pretending to be Miss Havisham.
On that note, how good does Helena Bonham Carter look as Miss Havisham, I can't wait for this adaptation of Great Expectations!! 

It was weird waking up in a room that wasn't mine, and even weirder to think that it would have been the room my Mum saw waking up everyday as a teenager.

Cute mugs!!


The best thing ever to find when clearing a house: I opened the wardrobe, and there they were, tucked away at the back... 60s and 70s National Geographics, the stuff I've only dreamed of (this is really sad) but honestly, they are the best for collage, and normally I have to pay about £1 each for old ones.

I dug out an old fur coat and pretended to be Margot Tenenbaum 
(I do not like real fur though- boo, hiss)

(note, how ancient are these sofas)

Sad sloppy puppy that bit my knee, thanks other Auntie.

If my Nans house is knocked down one of the things I will miss is this time warp pink bathroom. Ugh, it's perfect.

If I visited more often I would definitely take advantage of the hallway for short horror films.

Night 2 saw me wearing a funny dressing gown and not being able to sleep.



Not sure why I'm the wrong way up...

The upstairs, after it had been cleared (next joke..)

Dreamy dresses

Old rollerskates (another MUMMM PLEASE)

Washing up plastic teasets took up most of my time.

I was allowed a few things to keep, I'm very excited about some old cameras I found, I want to get at least one working!

Another note, just yesterday I couldn’t sleep so I watched Virgin Suicides and melted into my pillow to all the haziness of that but something had set off the outside light, and I assumed it was a fox or other small beast and it would turn off soon, but it didn’t. I got up and looked outside and it wasn’t a light, THE MOON WAS HUGE. I genuinely thought it was falling out of the sky and I had a few small moments of “arghhh my life has been a waste” and then saw it hadn’t moved since and it was just very very big and bright. I zoomed in on my camera and saw craters and aliens, duh! It was so cute.

Anyway thanks for reading <3
(Title from The Royal Tenenbaums)