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Thursday, 26 July 2012

flowers at the hospital

 I find it almost impossible to sleep during the summer, I'm not the best sleeper anyway- I tend to think of being asleep as wasting time and I only find myself wanting to do things at night, last night I ended up dressing up in this lovely 60s dress. Part of the reason why my blog is called "ecsapism", I tend to only want to dress up late and to go nowhere. I wear really bland stuff out most of the time.
 (I'm afraid this is going to be one of those random bits from my life posts, sorry)
 This Andy Warhol book has been dominating my life a lot recently, and today I need to return it to the library (sob), but at least I didn't have to pay £20 for it- Libraries are great.

Bye Andy

 Hey David- did any Bowie fans catch the series of documentaries on him a few weeks back? Hours and hours of footage and film, these too have been dominating my life as I desperately try to catch up, and wallow in Bowie love.

 I've started to make a pop up book, no idea why, I just fancied it. My main character is a very sad man walking through a very sad street, I've done another page where he's on a bus and all the smelly people move up and away from him with tabs. It's such a fun thing to try if you're bored but SO FRUSTRATING trying to work out what will actually pop up and what will flop.

 This time last week, exactly I took a trip to town, armed with my cassette player..
 I went to my favourite cafe with my friend Hannah and the man there asked us to draw in the guest book which we did (see above) (I did the bottom, she did the top)
 They use marmite jars as sugar dishes!!

 And old chests as tables!
 (flowers are so inspiring and cute this is so random but they were outside the hospital and aw)

 The rest of the time has been spent collapsed in my garden in hippy trousers- IT IS SO HOT in the uk what's going on!!
 And collapsed upstairs at night- TOO HOT TO SLEEP, playing with a torch, drawing on my legs and watching Girl, Interrupted over and over.
 It's very annoying having an empty wall and the stuff is on my floor to stick back up but I can't do it for some reason, I don't know if I want the same stuff back up but the things I want on my wall I don't own..
For experimenting with my pop up book I also made a little fold out city..
 You have to be very very careful with a craft knife, and though I did it late at night I had to make sure I wasn't too sleepy, didn't fancy that slipping. 

 (some recent purchases which look more than what they are, notebook addiction going well, Blondie vinyl, cassette tapes, ALL THE FAKE TATTOOS)
I also really want these and I'm trying to work out the positive attributes with having them in my life. They're from Paperchase, so quite expensive, but I want them for year 2 college! (maybe I should just grow up instead um)

 Empty wall- sad :(
And here I am actually trying to enjoy being outside, despite the ridiculous heat. At least I'm in the lovely countryside, I can't even think what it must be like in London at the moment, with the heat and crowds and  !! OLYMPICS !!
I WANT YOU *pointing man* to tell me what weird eating habits you have, are there certain foods you have to eat in a specific or weird way?
It's for the zine I do, the next issue is on eating, food habits, that kind of thing. You can say in a comment or over here!

Thanks, and I appreciate you reading xxxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Oh Comely

I'm in bed with flu, yes FLU IN SUMMER, great. So this post may be a bit hazy- I've been hallucinating things climbing out of my walls and to my disgust the next morning, spent one night ripping everything down off my walls. My room feels so empty now.

The best thing to happen in the last week was the arrival of one of my favourite magazines- Oh Comely.
It's got a bit of everything- arts, crafts, photography, clothes, food, illustration (the most gorgeous stuff) and I've had a subscription for over a year- though each issue costs only £4 which I think is pretty good value.

I flick through and just melt at all the cute pages, then really settle down for a proper read- it's the most inspiring magazine I read because it always leaves me wanting to do and be more, to get out and walk, to draw silly things, to cook and listen to the issues playlist!

Another effect of Oh Comely is it makes me want to run away with nothing but the issue, a tea set and some crayons, it makes me feel free and dhjasjdhjd!! It is really good, I promise.
I seem to have a habit of photographing each issue the day it arrives:

Two issues once took a trip to Austria with me:

I wanted to write to them and tell them how much I love the magazine, so I'll probably spend the rest of today finishing off a little drawing I've done of all the things from the past magazines.
If you see an issue lurking around- it can usually be found in WHSmith, I'd recommend buying and flicking through it!

I hope you're all well anyway, and noone else is suffering under flu! Thanks for reading!

(Gene Hunt tshirt to cheer myself up)