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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Boom zine issue 3- THE FEMINISM ISSUE

I have finally finished issue 3 of the zine that I write and self publish!! 
Thankyou to anyone on blogspot who helped with contributions and advice!

Zine making and printing is something that's consuming my life- I've already started printing and folding issue 4 which is a tiny baby one to be enveloped and hidden round London for people to find for free.

I hope you're all well!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bedroom walls

This is a post about my bedroom walls. But first an apology- I feel my commitment to blogger is very up and down. I try to comment and look on blogs, I try to update but I feel there's a lot of pressure surrounding this website. I know there's not really and it's just me being silly, but I blog more on tumblr and there it's so much easier to just do little updates whereas here I feel I have to actually have something of significance to say and arrrrggghhhh! I do have some cute posts coming up (I think) but for now it's walls.

I love my walls a lot, I've been changing my displays ever since I first had a little packet of bluetack and I guess, something to display. I love how what I put up reflects me, it's a place to slap out everything I hoard, and though some people say it looks horrid and messy and sometime I'd prefer something pristine and white- my walls give so much of my daily inspiration.
So here's a glance at what's up on them:

Penguin book covers, given to me by a friend- and Debbie Harry from Blondie (80s poster)

Collection of teabags from round the world

Winona Ryder art from Boom zine issue 1

Some drawings

Movie posters

Kate Bush, CATS, photos

60s tights wrapper, diddy bit of a Human League poster

A Clockwork Orange, Vile Bodies, The Catcher In the Rye, Creativity in Industry- the best titles

Bit of an Edie Sedgwick area

Long time ago art and photo


More movie posters


David Bowie corner (near the shrine)

Marc Jacobs adverts hoard

"All I need is motivation" for above my desk

Things from penpals, and where I used to typewrite my thoughts out everyday and stick them up!

Winona again, and some graphics work from a friend- no offense intended with Ian Brady

When I used to collect Vitamin Water packaging (ultimate saddo)

postcards and other bits

Okay, sorry- I just love looking myself at other peoples decor so wanted to post bits of my walls.
These are some rooms I wouldn't mind having:
(I'm not too sure about original sources on these photos, I found them mainly on google images and tumblr)
(tell me if this is your room and i'll move in with you/credit you)

Some other things: (big bulk post oops)

I found my batman mask I made in secondary! 
And my report.
“Unlike all the others in the class, Caitlin is in a world of her own when it comes to the class projects. When everyone else made photo frames Caitlin found mixing a paste of the sawdust and glue made what she called “good fake vomit” and in the later weeks made a Batman mask instead.”

it was Fathers Day- HAPPY FATHERS DAY! This was my Dad, aged 17, being cute.

I drew/painted my friend Harry

Dig out some toddler photos! I wish I had this outfit now.

 Painted Enid Coleslaw (Ghost World)
And have been doing other bits and pieces involving hill climbing and a camera.
Ok. Spam over. Thankyou for reading!!