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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I Wear Black On The Outside

I know it’s summer, I know I should be outside in shorts and sandals (?) and crop tops and skimpy clothes but I DON’T HAVE ANY AND I DON’T WANT TO AND I HATE SUMMER CLOTHES ON ME. If anyone wants to tell me what to wear then fine, I seriously think I need to invest in someone to dress me or a personal shopper. I haven’t bought any new clothes recently and I wouldn’t know where to start. This is why I could never be a fashion blogger, I am full of jealousy of people who know how to dress, have the clothes and even are able to go into shops and find things they like. Maybe I should start cropping my head onto clothes I find online…
But this is what I’m wearing today, in a non-conformist to summer way I’ve gone for all black. I’m not leaving the house hence why in some of the later photos I put some black lipstick on, I’m never ever brave enough to leave the house with it.

And I can never decide between hair up/hair down with outfits, I’m very indecisive.

That’s all I really came to say, apart from JUST LOOK at Dolce and Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2012’s collection LOOK, already I can’t wait for winter and I’m so excited to come up with random flowers and portrait inspired clothing pieces myself!

shirt, and velvet top- vintage, skirt- h&m a while ago.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

ssummeeerrrr (can you tell i'm melting)

 Well Summer is finally in England, I think, saying this the sun will probably go away now. I'm not sure if that would be a good thing or not, it's very very hot. Here's some things I've been doing....
 Romping round the hills taking photos of the views and performing private dance shows to sheep...

(how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!)

 My house in its little valley

 Then I went back inside and remade my David Bowie shrine
 Back to the garden, no this isn't a giant brown dandelion with me, it's my older brother!
 We pretended to revise but really played catch and made daisy chains!

If you're stuck on a Summer read I would really recommend "Just Kids" by Patti Smith, it's so brilliant and sad, and even if you're not keen on her I'm sure you'd enjoy hearing about her wild life. 

My summer essentials at the moment

I made a Strawberry and Cream Chupa Chups appreciation patch for my college bag

 And did lots of painting eating and drinking tea.
 And "awwwwed" over this cat lipstick for ages, until I found it was £21!!

I've also been acting very very French and listening to lots of French music and wearing a beret and planning to run away to Paris.

I've kept this nice and short, TOMORROW IS MY LAST AS EXAM!! (I still have a gcse to do as well afterwards) BUT USDSDGSD. I really need to do some last minute revision.
Ok, didactic plays are intended to convey a moral theme or other rich truth to the audience.
Bye, and I hope you're all okay!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

DIY milkbraids~ a tutorial.

Me, doing a hair tutorial, hahahaha next joke. No, but really. Someone asked how it's done, so I'm going to try and do my best to explain how I do (one of my only) hairstyles....

Okay basically just follow the tips above. When I first got the request I got all excited and ready to do it step by step with photos, but then I had a haircut and it's a bit short and plaits don't really work, I will try though:
(excuse awful webcam quality and tired eyes)
So, separate the hair so you have two lots

Plait one side

Plait the other side

Clip one side up

Clip the other side up

Add any accessories

Make sure you have spare clips and pins on you incase

Feel like a swiss maid

Don't act like a swiss maid

It really is that simple!!
Here's some I did earlier.......
being a teddy girl with a friend

(clips in place)

what is looks like on top

Okay, best of luck with anyone that tries this!!! It really is the simplest thing and I love it.
My only regret is that I didn't do my hair like this for prom last year.