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Saturday, 31 March 2012

2 black eyes and The Beatles

I found some white tights to cheer me up, black ones aren't very summery, or springy and it's getting hot. I needed to smile because this week I ended up covered in blood and tears in the middle of a busy park and with the aftermath of two black eyes and a swollen face for 3 days. I haven't been fighting, it was a football, a football to the face.

So I've been sulking sad and sewing sequins onto everything I own.

But then with college we went to see The Beatles museum in Liverpool...

John Lennon's 24 (?) carat gold sunglasses worn on the cover of Imagine.

Cute leaflets and posters.

The spotless room representing "Imagine". (Where my friend's bottle of pink fanta exploded, a swift exit followed)

A pair of glasses John wore a lot.

This isn't meant to appear here, but it's me sulking in the car.

More cute Beatles memorabilia.

Screaming "Beatle mania" fans.

A fake street in a street but inside.

Stretchy mirrors (I really want one of these in my room) (take that awful body image)

Livin' in a yellow submarine

Imagining all the people

Spot the difference...

This was a really swift as swift can be post, sorry, but I did want to put these pictures up, and I'm not counting it as a ~proper post~ because I have some better stuff lined up for this holiday- YES A HOLIDAY, FINALLY!!

I hope you're all well, and that noone else is suffering from 2 bad eye sadness. xxxxxxx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Where I am right now...

Photos taken seconds ago, I'm in an almost empty classroom working on the second issue of Boom Zine, it's quite exciting as well as being stressful. (For more information see

Sunday, 18 March 2012

50th post!!

The title is self explanatory- this is my 50th Blogger post, yay! But with that came Flickr saying "you have reached your upload limit" and I'm too scared to pay for a PRO account, so I'm trying Photobucket (bear with if this doesn't work please). (Oh, it's making images appear very very big) (but since this I have removed them and gone with the blogger way so they're tiny now)

This week, as you can see- for the first time in my life I've done some sewing- originally it was to try some more material work with my graphics project, but I'm really really enjoying it, and the picture of Morrissey is more for me- it took 6 hours of threading and knotting to a documentry on George Harrison, and I'm actually pretty proud of it. I now know what to do in some of my college frees now, because sitting with a needle and some cloth is as equally fun as a notepad and pen!

Another thing I always carry with me at college is a book, and I've just started reading:

It is so good, and I only recently realised (duh) there was more to Trainspotting, and this covers more about Sickboy who is my favourite, if only they made a film from this and featured his face lots, mmm. But yes, it’s so fun to get back into reading in my head with a Scottish accent. Bad side to it is that reading it on the bus/at college isn’t very practical because it’s very fat (484 pages) and people have been laughing and questioning the title.


To anyone out there who is a mother, and my mum, who will probably never see this, but anyway: (How cute was I in a bonnet)

I love my Mum, she’s brilliant. It’s always great to have someone that I can steal from, because she as a teenager is basically the same as me now. I have half her teen wardrobe, her record collection, and we often have fights about “I LIKED THIS FIRST” “NO I DID, I WAS ALIVE FOR THIS SONG COMING OUT” etc… If you think I’m odd, then I’m sorry if you ever meet my Mum, she’s always one to make a scene or fight for her rights- once in Marks and Spencer there were no seats left in the cafe and yet she noticed people had sat down before getting their meals and there was a sign stating “get food then sit” so until they moved she made me, my dad and older brother, sit down on the floor in the middle of the whole cafe and refuse to move. It was embarassing but so so funny.

I love her and yes, it’s always great to have someone around to warble and dance about to Kate Bush with, discuss the attractiveness of Johnny Depp and shock with how much I love David Bowie (even though she’s actually seen him back in the 70s boohoo).


Okay, enough, I'm going to watch Mermaids (1990), it seems perfect to watch this today because Winona Ryder is the best, and it’s such a Mother’s day film what with Cher being a changed woman by the end and a baby Christina Ricci and aw it’s so cute.Photobucket

Friday, 16 March 2012


I know most blogs are all full of beautiful clothes, fashion and everyone’s latest purchases and sometimes I get very jealous of how people can find both nice clothes, and be able to buy them. It’s not just about money, though I hate to spend too much- I just hate shopping. I’m terrified of shopping centre’s, even little cute vintage stores where all the clothes are amazing, I get too scared to try things on or buy them. It’s just another weird phobia I have. Places are too white, too noisy, too quiet, people look at me oddly- I JUST HATE SHOPS. But last week, with some birthday money in my hand and a few friends for moral support I plucked up the courage to buy something that I’ve wanted again since I grew out of them aged 6- DUNGAREES! Yes they were from New Look (yuck) but I love them. IMG_0143

I’ve also had this Smiths patch for ages and haven’t known where to put it- yay, it fits perfectly


What else has happened this week:
Got a really beautiful birthday card in the post, it's so so so pretty I literally can't get over it.
for blogger
Turned some 99p slippers into Morrissey and Bowie high fashion ones.
Received the photos of me being a moody sulky model for a friend (part of the Teddy boy post a few weeks ago) (there's more decade shoots coming up and this was me from the 80's) (so Heathers)
for blogger
I have also spent some time at my friend's house, having my hair crimped, dreadlocked and dyed blue in certain splodgy areas- the effect is very um, well I look like a bedraggled lion.

This is my collection of sd cards I take to college, I have no idea why I'm posting this but my heart is broken with THREE of them shattering and yes, I've lost the photos forever, and sd cards are very expensive when they're 16gb ones- and that's a lot of photos gone.

But on the plus side my graphics tape past old young project is going quite well, I'm excited for a weekend of doing some work on it, drinking tea, dancing to Patti Smith and reading Irvine Welsh's Porno.

What have you done this week?

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Is it okay to only start new years resolutions after your birthday? Because it's only now they're starting to kick in and I'm starting to feel more motivated. Not so much college work, unfortunately, but I have been doing some collaging. I think a lot of it comes from the fact that I feel so inspired. I can get my inspiration from almost anything, and though I often sit around doing things from no energy, I am rarely bored. There's always things I want to be doing or need to do. So I have done a few collagey bits, two different styles..

Nothing's changedAttitudeSleepFuture?ForeignReach the sea

YouthCellar doorBored man


I really like changing and adapting boring or bad photos, one of the joys of using film cameras is actually, for me, getting some poor quality odd shots that can be changed into something better. And though I can rarely bare to ruin them, I love using magazines for collages. Old rubbish ones like Glamour are good, but the best I find are old National Geographic's, some of which I treated myself to this week from the book shop. The 80s adverts are so cute as well!!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

1 day for women

Happy International Women's Day 2012!Collage featuring the women who inspire me, dead, alive, fictional, real…Happy International Women's Day 2012!

Who inspires you most?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Never underestimate the powers of a teenage pencilcase..

It's been an odd week, antique shops, tea, lying by the river, turning seventeen, maths exams, starting reading the most amazing play (Look back in anger- John Osborne) and drawing a lot in the study center, especially useful to carry a notebook and pen for when someone stars staring at you. (I am not good with boys).
ShynessInappropriate thoughts
And today in the afternoon I have more of my graphics project- today's society, exploring the way some teenagers crave to live in the past, the death of vhs, cassettes and other forms of old media.. and I've been working on exploring the differences between myself and my Mum when she was a teen, and I found something really cute with the way we've both used our teenage college pencil cases.
This is mine, made by my friend Zoe for my 14th birthday, and now, a mess. There's the addition of "Is Batman" to where she sewed my name. (Please say I'm not the only person who has craved at some point to be a superhero!!). Then the rest is just a bunch of silly doodles and scribbles as a result from maths lesson boredom, and ink spills and drink spills..
Pink FloydJohn
This is both sides of my Mums pencil case that she owned when she was sixteen/seventeen and working in her college back in the days of the seventies.

There's the typical band scribbles:

  • YES

  • Led Zeppelin

  • Rory Gallagher

  • Pink Floyd

  • King Crimson

  • Traffic

    In fact, I owe a lot to my Mum with my music taste..
But then right in the middle, in big letters, which is the cutest thing ever to me, is the word JOHN

My Mum and Dad's families had always been friends, but there was an age gap between the two and so my Mum would only fantasize about him, and write his name on all her belongings, I won't fully go into it because I'm sure you'd all find it boring- but in the end they did get together, and they had me!!! (and my older brother). So think when youre doodling, you never know what they could be revealing about your future...

(Maybe I will get to be Batman one day!!)

What does your pencil case reveal about you?