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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Your hand on his arm. The haystack charm. Around your neck.

Yet another crazy week, I got back from London on the Tuesday and haven't felt the same since. My whole brain feels changed, London is ever so different from Shropshire in so many ways. My life feels silly and insignificant compared to a lot that I saw, but I do feel grateful for a lot as well. (Seeing proper homeless people for the first time just broke my heart.)

As it was a graphics trip, the purpose was to gain some inspiration, but I went a bit over the top and my brain feels frazzled- there's so much I want to do, and not enough time. These are some photos of random bits of my bedroom, some things I found, and stuff I've been doing.

Tape collection

Some of my tape collection ("Titanic" is the newest addition to it)

Roses wrappers

Collecting the wrappers from Roses for various creative projects and camera filters

Miss World

Inspired by Hole "Miss World" sash

Casette Tapes

Photos for my graphics project, on the abandonment of cassette tapes

Cassette Tape

(It was hard because I had to keep myself wrapped up and take the photos, I'm not sure the big cardigan helped either!)

My bedroom

My bedroom in the dark today

Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs advert collection is slowly turning into a shrine


Wall snaps

In love with my clutter

Clutter on my bedside table that I'm too in love with to throw away

Oh Comely in a sunny window

The new edition of Oh Comely magazine arrived and cheered me up

Oh Comely arrived

Though not as creatively inspiring as some others I have subscriptions to, it makes me feel refreshed and down to earth a bit more. It's the cutest thing.

GreenhousePhoto booth

Family album photos- my Mum and Dad at the age of 15

The best thing about this week though was delving more into the choreography of Micheal Clark which I feel is art in it's own right.. watch, and fall not just in love, but into obsession with his work. It's so inspiring and 80's!!

What have you done this week?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Back to Shropshire *sigh*

Death in London and other (awful tourist type) snaps. Death in Leicester Square
✿❀✿My camera added the darkened edges, which was cute of it.✿❀✿
EyeTopAccidental political skyHairHairWhat station?TouristThe tube or a lie down?39 steps and one lie down
I missed you all, and thankyou for the comments on my going to London post!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I'm off to London with my graphics group, to see the galleries (DAVID HOCKNEY!!!). It's the first time I've ever been.



What's your favourite thing to do in London?

Friday, 17 February 2012

Nan's house..

Grandad's pencils

Some of the things I found on my latest trip there...

A desk full of old books and toys

Stupid mirror pose in a very 70s bedroom

Cute old paints

More desks of art equipment



Boxes within boxes

Very old boxes of chocolates (empty luckily)

Then I found and tried on various afghan fur hippy coats round the gardens..

And did some photos based on my Graphics topic of "Society Today". In this photo I tried to show the changes in books and toys from then to now.


I really do love going to my Nans, and it's odd to think that my Mum grew up there..

My Mum in her teen bedroom, September 1982.

My Mum in her teen bedroom, September 1982.


✿❀✿ Better late than never. ✿❀✿

I can't believe I forgot to post this on Valentines Day!! But I guess this is still relevant because why should just one day be about love and feeling like a sassy woman that "don't need no man"

ValentinesRoses in the church

Monday, 13 February 2012

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

Yet another year of my Parents semi-nagging at me almost to find myself a nice person to date, honestly they're unbelievable with wanting to hook me up with someone...

A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours

I don't really like Valentines day and I think it is all a bit of a silly scheme, but you can't deny there are some cute things out to buy at this time of year (boohoo), and here are some of the things I love:

Lazy Oaf's card range... but then again, when isn't that shop cute? These were the ones I liked best.

These clever, witty mints featuring Klimt's artwork "The Kiss."


Also cake, but off the top of my head, I can't think of any particular song to do with cakes?! (this is so cute though) Roses, of course- THESE ARE £100 THOUGH, ONE HUNDRED POUNDS FOR FLOWERS. (I think I'd cry if someone did get me these, and not really happy tears)

And oh I do like cute little fake flowers, they stay forever and are 10 times more useful (especially with creative projects)

I'd much rather the candy option, and aww Woolworths does still exist online, and does pick n mix- how odd is that!

Or look.... aw a personalized love smoothie. (Innocent smoothies)

These surprise Valentines socks are a really sweet idea- Then, I found this- which IS PERFECT, especially for those (like me) who are alone this year (and every year previous, hohoho) It's the best mug ever, featuring the King of romance, Henry. When you pour in boiling water his wives gradually disappear in order of him wedding them!! (and that's meant to be a working gif showing them disappearing, so sorry if it doesn't work) (I've never tried a gif in a post before)

Semi linked to my lack of romance was this cute little incident of last week..

It was my friend's birthday so we went round a few shops, and found ourselves stumbling into an old antiques thing spread into loads of different rooms, one filled with rails of old clothes which I don't think anyone ever does try on because once we'd found some things and asked for the changing rooms we were lead out back to the scummy staff toilets- LOOK at the dress though, it was a perfect 60's bridesmaids dress, and I would actually wear it as my Wedding dress, it was so pretty and soft and reminded me of a mix of Miss Havisham and Cecelia Lisbon, I could've walked right out of the shop in it had it not been for the £22 price tag.

(but going where I rightly belong, I climbed onto the pile of rubbish in the odd changing area, for this photo) Anyway, single or taken- I HOPE YOU HAVE A REALLY CUTE DAY TOMORROW.

Maybe Morrissey might pop in last minute for me? (there is hope, and a light that never goes out)