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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Smoothies need to be warm too!

Hello! I think before you start reading this you should grab a coffee or something lovely.

If I was made of money I’d have tried the Starbucks Praline Mocha by now, but *sigh* I am not, and I can only dream. (The whole Christmas range just looks brilliant.)


There's quite a lot of stuff in the shops now reminding me of that event near the end of December... Christmas...
I'm not really someone that does make a huge list of things they want, but this year more than ever I've noticed some really kooky things in the shops.
Like this Swatch watch, I've wanted a Swatch for YEARS and this one I think is just beautiful. I MUST START THINKING ABOUT GIFTS FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

Talking of gifts and Christmas, I had some sadness this week with my favourite earring being involved in a nasty car icident where it rolled under the car and was run over. *cue joke about my cherry being popped*. My friend Roz gave me them a while back and they'd become a staple accessory for college.
My heart broke.

Rather than go to College quite a bit recently, I have found lots of really cute boutique shops where I like to browse all the jazzy gifts and imagine a house full of them, maybe in the future…

My favourite of the things I’ve seen has to be the range of Colour Me Good colouring books from the 80’s/90’s/Record sleeves/Aargghh.. They are perfect for all ages and um, me if anyone wants to send me one.

Bowie record from the Colour Me Good Record Sleeves collection (approx. £7.50 for the book)

Other interesting things of the week was discovering the NME Smiths special magazine which I spent all weekend browsing with my Vincent Van Gogh doll, dancing nonstop to Morrissey..

AND I AM SO CHUFFED INNOCENT SMOOTHIES ARE BRINGING BACK THE KNITTED HATS FOR WINTER AGAIN! Going into Boots and seeing all the drinks tucked up snug just makes my day, humanity really can make me smile sometimes. On another note, imagine having the job of “Mini hat knitter for drinks” how fab, I think I have a new aspiration..

Have you seen or bought anything jazzy this week?

Friday, 18 November 2011

Don't be scared of the Trunchbull..

Having a REALLY strong craving to watch some childhood movies, who needs fancy new technology like 3d when the old films just had great story lines, shots and acting..

I think watching Matilda as a child sparked my interest in magic and mystery. I wanted, no needed the powers Matilda had, and even when I knew I couldn't get them I still loved the way she used them, and how clever she was. (And I adored her friends voice who correctly identified the salamander before popping it into the water jug, she was amazing~more on Lavender in a second.)
I always found Miss Honey more terrifying than the Trunchbull was, being forced to eat a Bruce Bogtrotter style chocolate cake and being put in the chokey didn't really hit home to my younger self.

The jumper.. the glasses, Lavender really was amazing!!

The Secret Garden (1993)
This film was my primary school life, I spent countless break times acting as the part of Mary Lennox while my friends took the other parts. She had a definite feistyness, and the film combines some of my favourite things I liked at the time- India, tapestries in a huge house, hidden things and flowers. All of which I still love.

(There's some fashion tips to be taken from Mary here with all that lace)

The Witches(1990)
Another classic Roald Dahl converted to a movie, which like Matilda taught me more to be in awe of magic and to believe in it than be put off or scared by the things that happened in the film.

And just in case you are scared of Witches, here's a handy tip from the Grandmother, in the book version~
While they look and act like ordinary women, they are really demons who only look human--which makes them all the more dangerous. Witches are bald, and must wear wigs directly on their naked scalps, resulting in a condition they call "wig-rash." They have clawed fingers that they must hide with gloves. Their feet have square ends and no toes. Their spit is bright blue, leaving a pale bluish film on their teeth. Their eyes have color-changing pupils in which one may see "fire and ice dancing" in the center. They hate children with a passion, and seek to eliminate as many as they can, since they emit a repulsive odour that only they can smell (similar to dog's droppings) unless they seldom wash, and can be sniffed from miles away.

What was your favourite childhood film?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


This woman could never ever EVER disappoint me with her music. Her new album "Thunder Thighs" carries the same sweet charm as always. My fave song being "Solid and Strong"~
It's really perfect for Winter and any associated blues.
“The days that seem the most dreary
are perfect for being creative and cosy
as long as we sing
until the spring
this winter can be a most magical thing”

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Helvetica, for those who don't know- is a type of font. One I've been studying for part of my AS graphics project. I was messing around with a few ideas and I thought I'd show you some of them.

Because once you know the typeface, you'll notice it is!!

This was my second attempt at my face, I'll never learn to not do it from a mirror- duuh backwards. I can be so thick sometimes.

I hope this wasn't too boring, and that you're all well <3

Friday, 4 November 2011

Pick n mix Friday.

There are some very good reasons to smile in winter when it's freezing cold, wet and you're very tired. One of these reasons is pick n mix.

I just think it's brilliant, the whole concept of choosing only things you like and the large variety and just the magic qualities sweets have. (I still get far too excited over them).

I like the alphabet letters, sorry Winona is the only thing I can spell (and yes I am a little bit obsessed with her)
Fizz wizz, the ultimate novelty sweet.

And some of my favorites- jelly animals, though in this case the turned up nose of the dolphin makes him seem a bit snobby, I should probably eat him quick, before he starts bullying the others. What a shame (heavy sarcasm).

So if you're feeling sinister, don't go off and see a minister- find a pick n mix shop!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Gothic idols xo

Because it's far too early for me to be doing actual college work in the study centre, I've been oddly sidetracked into imagining who I'd dress up as if I went trick or treating and who my "gothic idols" are.

Phantom of the opera, of course. Lurking in the darkness dreaming and planning amazing things.

Eva Green, just as herself because she's so stunning. I recently saw her in a series on television called Camelot and she was so powerful in that, and in Womb she's so unusual.

Dr Frank, from Rocky Horror- effortlessly fabulous as well as being a bit odd.

Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. (that hair)

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, not really gothic but oh so beautiful.

I also really respect Angelina Jolie for her goth phase. With the filtered college internet I couldn't find a photo, it was hard enough finding the rest. I tried everything to get the photo of Frank, finally being let on by searching "Dr Sausage", a lucky attempt.